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"Mm hmm...very nice...yes, the blood and oxygen circulation implant is working perfectly.  You should be able to live for another thirty or forty years like this.  Isn't that wonderful?"

"Oh, don't try to talk dear, you haven't been fitted with a voice mechanism yet.  We'll probably get around to that at some point.  Just click your tongue if you need anything, I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get your point across.  Now let's get you back to your display stand."
Half Her Size...
"I told the doctor I wanted to lose a hundred pounds or so, and fix my problem of stuffing my face all day.  When he said he had a surgery that could take care of both, how could I say no?  Guess I should have read the fine print..."
"Well, you wanted to see me just as I am before we got intimate...I'm afraid this is all there is!" she giggled, shrugging her little shoulders, feeling totally vulnerable and exposed without clothes or bucket, but enjoying it nonetheless.  "Now...I'm just as excited as you, but before we get down to business...can you please put a fresh set of bags on me?" She asked sweetly.  "I'd feel terrible if I sprung a leak on your couch."

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“Hey, Nancy, how’s the crowd tonight?” the woman asked as she walked inside, breathing a little sigh of relief as she felt the blast of air conditioning, a welcoming respite from the late afternoon Nevada sun.

“Oh, hey Jess,” replied the middle-aged and somewhat portly woman behind the desk.  “I think people are staying in because of the heat, it’s been pretty dead.”

“Well that sucks,” Jessica replied distractedly, teasing up her hair and adjusting her breasts, nearly exploding out of her low-cut top, as she sized herself up in the full-length mirror by the door.  “I really need the money this month.”

“Yeah, there’s not much going on in there, unless you’re into freakshows,” Nancy snickered.

“Huh?”  She asked, half-distracted by her own reflection.  “What does that mean?”

“Oh, never mind.  You’ll see.”  Nancy smiled and raised one eyebrow before turning her attention back to the paperwork in front of her.

Jessica shrugged and walked through the gaudy velvet curtain into the lounge.  The usual girls were on duty tonight, mostly sitting around and talking with nothing else to do.  One of the regulars, an older man with a hideous comb-over, was chatting up one of the younger girls on the big couch.  As she stood up and started leading him by the hand down to one of the rooms, they whispered to each other, looking intensely at something across the room.  It was only then that Jessica noticed him, tucked almost invisibly in the corner, all eyes in the room seemingly avoiding him.

A tall woman, with preposterous fake breasts and a microskirt showing off her thick legs, saw Jessica’s shock and walked over to fill her in on the situation.  “Poor thing rolled in over an hour ago,” she whispered into Jessica’s ear.  “I’d go over to him, I feel bad.  You know I’m just about up for anything, but damn, girl, that?  I just can’t, no way no how…” she shuddered a little as she held up one hand and looked away from him..

Jessica nodded slowly, only half-listening as she stared agape at the young man in the corner, idly twirling a lock of her hair around one finger.  “Wow,” she whispered distractedly as her colleague ducked out a side door, happy to get away.

He must have been in his late teens, no more than 20, with short dark hair and a sort of deer-in-the-headlights look that she had seen many times before, she could spot a first-timer anywhere.  He was cute, too.  But that wasn’t what Jessica was so fascinated by.  

He was just so, so...little, she thought to herself as she studied him and his vehicle.  The wheelchair was on the high-tech side, with four thick tires that looked like they were made to handle different types of terrain without upsetting its passenger.  Atop them was attached a black cushioned seat and back; there were no footrests or armrests, because...well, they weren’t necessary.

He wore a light blue polo shirt, the short sleeves appeared to be tucked in, making his complete lack of arms fairly obvious.  Around his slim waist was a wide seat belt that held him securely in place, and looking further down, its purpose was apparent:  His lower body seemed to be no more than a rounded-off nub, clad in a special pouch of some kind, maybe shorts that had been specially tailored.  It was clear that if he wasn’t belted in, the poor boy would just fall over.

Jessica stood there in the shadows, for now unnoticed by this fascinating young man, just taking in the sight.  Her brain tried to make sense of what she was looking at...she knew that people like him existed, but it was never something she had really thought about before, outside of those silly jokes that went around when she was little, about limbless men named Bob or Matt, floating in the ocean or sitting on your front step.  Seeing one in person just hit a struck a nerve, but not in a bad way, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it…

As yet another girl avoided eye contact with him and walked away, the young man sighed, and leaned over at the odd contraption that stuck out from the chair near his face.  Jessica felt her stomach do a little flip as she realized this was the way he had to propel himself, nudging at the little joystick with his chin, lacking any other way to manipulate anything around him.  Realizing he was about to leave, she snapped out of her little reverie and strode over to him with a smile, high heels clicking on the hard floor.

“Going somewhere, hon?” she asked in a low voice, standing in front of his chair and making him stop short.  “Now I know I haven’t seen you here before.  I’m Jessica, what’s your name?”

She looked down and saw how little of the seat he occupied, and on a whim, sat down in the chair with him with one butt cheek hanging off, crossing her legs provocatively and hiking up her skirt just a bit.  His eyes widened as he stared down at her stockinged thighs, and Jessica smiled.

“H-hi, I’m Ben,” he replied, his voice cracking.  “Yeah, it’s kinda my first time.  First time here,” he hastily added, cringing and blushing.  The subtext was understood.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?  What kind of girl are you looking for, Ben?” she asked innocently, reaching over and casually brushing his hair back over his ear.  She could feel him tremble at the slightest touch, clearly he was scared out of his mind, and it melted her heart a little.

“I, um, I’m not really sure,” he said, swallowing hard, his cheeks flushed.  “A couple of my friends from college convinced me to come here, said it would be good for me.  They even chipped in some extra money.”  He motioned with his chin to the pocket of his shirt, where Jessica could see a small wad of $20 bills bulging out.  “I guess I’m looking for somebody...nice.  Somebody patient,” he said with a plaintive look.

“I understand, sweetie,” she said with a big smile, putting her hand around his narrow shoulders.  He seemed a little shocked that she was so willing to touch her.  He squirmed anxiously, and Jessica glanced down to see the fabric of his little pouch bulging outwards ever so slightly.  

“Looks like you’re a little excited,” she purred, brushing her long fingernails against his cheek, making him close his eyes and shudder.  “Why don’t I show you to a room?”  Ben nodded eagerly, his mouth seemingly unable to form words.

Jessica gave a knowing look and stood up, walking slowly, taking care to give Ben a good look at her shapely, stockinged legs, pretending to adjust her skirt and give him just the slightest glimpse of her garters and her bare ass.  She heard a little pained grunt mixed in with the soft whirring sound of the wheelchair behind her, and smiled to herself.  This is gonna be a new experience, she thought to herself.  Can he do...anything?

Jessica was well ahead of her new client by the time she reached the end of the hall.  She turned and stood in the doorway of the dimly-lit room, smiled, and beckoned with one finger, watching Ben patiently guide his vehicle using only his mouth and chin.  She was oddly fascinated by it.  It was so different, a little bit pathetic, for lack of a better word, but somehow sexy.  After he rolled across the threshold, she closed the door and sat on the edge of the big, round, bed and faced him, casually crossing her legs and letting one high heel dangle from her toes.  Ben’s gaze kept falling on her legs, and particularly her feet, something she made a mental note of.

“So honey, what is it that you’d like tonight?”  Jessica asked sweetly.  This is the point where she’d get to know a new john and set the ground rules, but she knew this would be different.  She didn’t have to worry about things getting out of control, about having to protect herself;

this one was totally vulnerable, everything under her control.  It gave her a warm secure feeling inside, a weird combination of sympathy and her surprise, she began to feel a warm moisture between her crossed thighs.

Ben looked off to the side, sheepishly; the little shrug he made was barely visible under his shirt.  “I, um...I don’t really know what I like, I mean, you can probably tell I don’t really do well with girls...” he said, his voice cracking just slightly.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain,” Jessica interrupted, saving him from his awkward confession.  “I’ve taken a few boys’ virginities over the years, it’s one of my favorite things,” she said, biting her lip.  It wasn’t a lie.

“Probably nobody like me, though,” he said with a little snort of a laugh, looking off to the side and down at the floor.  “Listen, if you’re not comfortable, I understand…”

His insecurity was endearing to Jessica, but she knew she needed to cure him of it.  She quickly knelt in front of his wheelchair and put her finger to his lips to shush him. “I’m very comfortable, dear.  Now, would you like me to help get you out of that silly chair and get your clothes off?”

The bulge in his pants was becoming more obvious, and Jessica raised an eyebrow as she looked down, a little surprised at its size.  She realized she was as eager as he was to get him out of his clothes, see just what this unique little creature looked like in the flesh.  She unbuttoned the single button on his shirt and stopped to rake her fingernails gently through the little exposed tuft of chest hair, making his body rock back and forth in his chair as he moaned softly.  There was a soft "riiiiiiiiip" sound as she undid the wide velcro seat belt, and slowly lifted his shirt off him and over his head.

“Oh wow,” was all she could say, tilting her head to one side and smiling as she took in the sight.  He was thin, light striations in his abs, but virtually no muscle definition to his chest.  That didn’t surprise Jessica very much--how can the poor little baby even exercise, she thought to herself-- but what was most fascinating to her were his shoulders, if you could even call them that.  His neck widened a bit at the bottom, then sort of blended into his chest, punctuated by two little protrusions of bone that she supposed were what passed for collarbones.

Ben saw her staring, and looked crestfallen.  “I’m sorry,” he sighed, looking away.  A tear formed in the corner of one eye.

“For what, honey?  For being you?” Jessica’s mind raced, searching for a way to make him feel secure, there was only one thing to do.  Confidently, she cupped her hand on one of his round, sloping shoulders, then leaned in and softly nuzzled the other, covering it with little kisses, stopping to suck on the little nub of bone sticking out.

“Oh shit...oh God,” Ben gasped, losing his balance and falling forward against her.  “Are you really OK with it?  I’m not disgusting?”

“You’re very sexy, dear,” Jessica whispered between kisses.  “And I’m going to make you feel really good tonight.”  She slipped her hand under his little legless ass and effortlessly lifted him out of the chair and onto his back on the bed, where he began to arch his back and squirm.  She straddled him and carefully peeled off his little butt-pouch, taking care not to hurt the obviously painful erection he had developed underneath it.

As she exposed the rest of Ben’s fascinatingly tiny body, Jessica’s eyes lit up.  His hips were nearly as fascinating as his shoulders, with no stumps to speak of, just a continuation of his round ass, lightly covered in dark hair.  Nestled in the middle of the little nest of pubic hair was the biggest cock she’d seen in a year.  It looked almost comically huge in contrast to Ben’s body.

“What a big boy,” she praised, gently holding his shaft in one hand, cupping his balls and lightly running her long nails along his scrotum with the other.  Ben responded with a rather pathetic attempt to raise his hips and hump her hand, which she teasingly thwarted by moving her hand in rhythm with his movements, providing him no friction.  It was utterly pitiful, and Jessica loved every moment, fully aware that her pussy was soaked at this point.  She decided she would take her time with him.

Jessica kicked off her shoes and sat casually on the bed with her legs askew, her little skirt the perfect length to show off a hint of what was underneath without quite doing so.  She watched as her little companion craned his neck to try and catch a glimpse.  “You look very excited,” she said with a girlish giggle, gently raking her nails through his pubic hair, teasing him as the little torso made futile movements in an attempt to make contact with her hand.

“I am,” Ben gasped breathlessly, his eyes darting from her face to her cleavage and back to her feet again.  “You’re very pretty.”

“Why thank you sweetheart, you’re very handsome yourself.”  As she watched him squirm, a thought struck her.  “Ben, are you able to masturbate?” she asked matter-of-factly.

His face turned red, and he shook his head with a shameful look.  My God, it must be like being in prison, Jessica thought with a mix of horror, and an odd, sadistic pleasure.  “Oh baby, that must be sooooo hard,” she said, cupping his swollen ball sac again, watching his cock helplessly twitch in the air, desperate for contact.  “Do you have anybody in your life you can ask for help with things like that?”

“I...I have a caretaker, a nurse, sort of.  She helps me out with getting dressed, and eating, know, bathroom stuff,” he added under his breath, looking away.  “But she’s older, and I...oh God, I could never ask her for anything like that.”

Jessica sat and listened raptly, strangely fascinated to hear details of the life of this adorable, helpless little torso that lay before her.  “Of course not, honey, I understand.  It’s not healthy for a virile young man like you not to have release, though, is it?”, she asked, casually pulling her hands away and instead running her nylon-covered feet against him, one on his legless ass while the other played with his hair.

“I, um...I have wet dreams sometimes, it’s always really embarrassing when she has to clean me up in the morning.  But she never says any...oh fuck,” he moaned as her stockinged foot brushed his cheek, and he instinctively nuzzled against it.

“Do you like my feet, baby?” she asked innocently, trying to act surprised.

He nodded sheepishly.  “Is that weird?  I mean, since I don’t have any of my own, obviously…”

“Not weird at all, dear,” she said, rubbing his face earnestly with her right foot while she gently dragged her left big toe along the underside of his twitching shaft.  “Would you like me to help you get off like this?”

“Yes...please,” he pleaded, his voice barely above a whisper, eyes closed in pure bliss.

Jessica was filled with an indescribable feeling as she continued to fondle Ben’s little body.  She felt strangely protective of him, like she wanted to cuddle him and keep him safe.  She had a strange image of taking him home with her and keeping him for her very own, without him having any say in the matter.  Without even noticing, her hand had slipped under her skirt and was rubbing furiously.

Ben was oblivious to it all, writhing in ecstasy as he continued to nuzzle her foot, growing bolder and starting to lick and nibble on her toes, while Jessica responded with soft moans.  As she neared her own orgasm, her right foot joined its mate in tugging on Ben’s throbbing cock.  It only took one long stroke of her nyloned toes for him to explode.  Jessica couldn’t help but smile as she watched what seemed like a gallon of cum empty from him, shooting all over his belly, his chest, even his face, while all he could do is turn his head to the side in a futile attempt to avoid it.

She tried unsuccessfully to keep from giggling as he lay there covered in his own juices.  “What a messy boy,” she said patronizingly, reaching down to stroke his hair.  “Let me get something to clean you up.”  She gave his flaccid cock a quick tickle with her toe before dashing off to the bathroom.

“I’m sorry I didn’t last very long,” Ben said sheepishly as Jessica returned with a small towel.

“No problem at all dear,” she purred as she carefully rubbed a white glob off his cheek.  “We still have plenty of time left.”  She continued to delicately towel him off, making her way down his neck and chest, making sure her ample cleavage dipped down near his face as she did.  “Does your special nurse do this for you?” she quipped, grinning.

Ben laughed, clearly starting to feel more comfortable.  “Something like that, when I need a bath.  But...not as nice as this.”  As Jessica wiped his stomach, she felt something warm against her chest, as Ben nestled his face between her tits.  She felt a little tug, and craned her neck to see him with his teeth sunk into her blouse, shaking it like a dog playing with his bone.

“Now, Benjamin,” she smiled.  “Are you trying to undress me, you bad boy?”  She stood up, hands on her hips, looking down at the little torso with its nodding head.  “Well why didn’t you ask me?”  She proceeded to give him a full-on strip tease, reveling in the look of wonderment on his face as he stared, just inches from her luscious thighs but utterly unable to reach out and touch them.   So vulnerable, so helpless.  My god, he can’t even roll over to get closer, she thought as his little shoulders twitched uselessly.

“You like?” she asked confidently as she finished peeling off her stockings and stood naked before him.  Time had been kind to her, and even in her late thirties Jessica knew she was a knockout.

“Soooo much,” he replied, wriggling on the bed as his flaccid cock already began to stir again.  “Wait,” he said as her hand moved towards it.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.”  Ben looked up at her, thoughtfully.  “It’s just that I--well, I didn’t come here just to get off, as amazing as that felt.  I also came here so I could, well, you know...learn.”

Jessica smiled and sat alongside him.  “Learn?  Like, how to please a woman?”

“Y-yeah.  Is that okay?” he replied with a worried look, like he was breaking some unspoken rule.

“Oh, sugar, it’s more than okay,” Jessica purred, as she got on all fours and crawled slowly up the bed straddling him, her pendulous breasts dragging their way along his quivering torso.  She let them dangle over his face, smiling down at him.  “Where would you like to start?”

“Right here is good,” he answered breathlessly, raising his head and trying to reach one of her engorged nipples with his lips.  Jessica cupped her left breast with one hand and lowered herself, gently feeding it to him.  “Start slow and soft, okay?  Close your lips really gently around it and use your tongue,” she instructed patiently.  She closed her eyes and nodded as he followed her instructions to the letter.  My little obedient toy, this is going to be so much fun, she thought.

“Good, now feel it getting stiff?  That means I’m getting very excited.  You can suck harder now.  Even give it a little nibble…”  She slipped her hand under his head, supporting it as he sucked hungrily.

“Mmm, that’s good, I’m gonna let you do that for a long time.  Let me get more comfortable, okay?” she said as she sat back against the pillows and scooped up his impossibly light body, cradling him in her arms like a nursing little baby.  She let out soft, genuine moans of pleasure as Ben’s talented tongue and lips worshipped her nipple tirelessly.  Her reaction obviously stirred something in him, as his cock slowly but surely began to swell, pressing against her belly as he made feeble attempts to rub it against her, writhing in her lap.

After a few minutes Jessica gently pulled Ben’s head away from her breast, his mouth still slightly agape as he craned his neck to try and steal one last taste.  “That was so good, honey, are you ready for the next lesson?”, she asked, repositioning herself with her long legs splayed out to the sides.

“Please,” Ben responded shakily, glancing down at her smooth, shaved pussy.  Jessica carefully laid him down on his front, careful to let his erection rest comfortably against his belly.  His head just a few inches from her crotch, he looked up at it with absolute wonderment.

“Comfy?  Good,” she smiled down at him, as she ran her fingers through his hair and then slowly ran them along her glistening labia.  “Now, let me show you what’s going on here.  These are my outer lips, and if you open them up, there’s sort of another set inside, that’s where things get very sensitive,” she said softly, parting them with one hand while gently rubbing between them with two fingers.  Ben nodded, his eyes as wide as saucers as he watched Jessica pleasure herself.

“Mmm, it’s so nice there.  But the best part is right up here, watch closely,” she said, her fingers drifting to the very top of her vaginal opening.  “Do you know what this is, Ben?”

He smiled sheepishly.  “I guess it’s your...your clitoris,” he said, confidently but nervously.

“That’s right, and it’s very important that you remember where it is, because...mmmm…” she cut her own sentence short as she gently rubbed it with a moist finger while her companion watched with rapt attention.  She slowly masturbated for him, showing him all the little folds and nooks and crannies of her sex, unraveling the mysteries for him as he watched.

“So that’s how I like to be touched.  Would you like to try now?”

“Touch you?”  Ben asked suspiciously.  “Like, how?”

“Don’t think so hard.  Like any way you want...any way you can.  Just relax.”  Jessica slid down the bed just a few inches, close enough to feel Ben’s excited breaths against her lips.  He looked up at her for approval, and she just smiled and nodded.

Hesitantly, Ben lowered his head.  Trembling, he touched the tip of his nose to Jessica’s soft pussy lips, and inhaled softly as he stroked her with it.  It was the most genuine, loving gesture she had ever seen, and she nearly exploded on the spot.  “Good, keep going,” she whispered.  Ben continued his soft nuzzling, then followed it with a timid kiss.  “More,” she implored, a little insistently, gently resting a hand on the back of Ben’s head.

That was all the encouragement he needed.  He began to explore her moist hole, using his nose to help him burrow between her lips and bury his tongue inside her.  “Oh God,” Jessica whispered as Ben began eating her out with abandon, lapping up her juices hungrily and letting out his own groans of pleasure as he began humping the mattress with little inchworm movements.  Watching it made her cum almost immediately, grabbing two fistfuls of Ben’s hair as she cried out in ecstasy.  Ben continued tirelessly, finding her clit and flicking his talented tongue all around it as she came a second time, then a third.  She leaned back with her hands behind her and lifted her hips to offer him a better angle, looking down at him in amazement as his little capsule-shaped body wriggled and writhed on the bed.  “Oh fuck, so good...thank you, thank you…” to her surprise she had a tear running down her cheek, which she quickly wiped away as Ben glanced up.  “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m very okay,” Jessica smiled, fanning herself with one hand.  “And you?”

“Just great.  I...I think I really like doing that,” Ben replied, blushing.  “It got me, um, really excited again…”

“I can tell,” she said, using her foot to lift his hip a few inches, revealing his crushed erection under him.  “You want to be inside me, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Well why didn’t you say so?”  Jessica got up on her knees and easily flipped Ben over, taking the opportunity to squeeze his bony little shoulders, feel the strange contours of his deformed upper body.  She positioned herself over him as he stared up with lust and desperation, steadied herself with one hand while parting her lips with the other...and then stopped.  It almost seemed too easy, too obvious, she thought to herself.  

“You’re going to fuck me, she whispered to Ben as she picked him up and rolled over on her back in one smooth motion.  “I know you can do it.”  She laid him on her chest, her breasts squashed between them, and positioned him carefully.

“Oh God...please, I need it,” he groaned, his ass wiggling frantically as his cock tried futilely to find its way in, while Jessica simply wrapped her arms around his slim torso, offering no help.

“I’m really, really wet, sweetheart.  I’m sure you can get it in,” she cooed encouragingly, raking her nails gently along his back.  Ben began moving with more purpose, lifting his hips as high as he could and gently probing with the swollen head, until it finally slid in, his face lighting up with a look of utter bliss.

“That’s it, baby, now thrust in and out, slowly, don’t lose control,” Jessica whispered, arching her back and moving her hands to steady him while allowing him to move.  Using every muscle in his delightful little worm-like body, Ben began undulating on top of her, his cock slowly moving in and out an inch or so, then two, then three, as he began to find his rhythm.  “Nngh,” Jessica moaned as her body convulsed with another orgasm, watching the young, virile trunk of a man squirming like a larvae on top of her.

“You’re doing it sweetie,” she whispered in his ear as she cradled his head between her breasts.  “You’re making love to me.”  Nearly hyperventilating with the effort, all Ben could offer was a feeble nod of his head as he continued wriggling furiously on top of her.  He let out an animal-like sound as his body stiffened and he came inside her.  Jessica grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and helped him with the last few pumps, her lips milking him dry as she felt him slowly soften.  Exhausted herself, she gently rolled his body off hers as they both lay there, sweaty and panting.

Jessica excused herself to clean herself up, and took a look at her satisfied client as he lay there, eyes closed and a look of total contentment on his face, his spent cock resting on his scrotum, all nestled in the center of that wonderfully round, legless ass.  As she washed up in the bathroom, all she could think about was getting back to him.

“Time’s up honey, time to get dressed,” she said, smiling down at him.  “So did I make your first time a good one?”

“Christ, it was amazing,” Ben replied, lifting his ass as a token gesture to help Jessica slip his underwear back on.  She lovingly tucked his privates under the elastic, making sure everything was just so.  As she did, a little fantasy briefly flashed through her mind, of having to dress him every morning and tend to his every need.  Her heart seemed to skip a beat.

She slipped his cute little pouch over his briefs.  “That’s great, dear.  I guess now that you’ve become a man, you’ll be chatting up all the cute little co-eds up at school?”  There was a hesitant little pause at the end of her question, almost like she feared hearing the answer.

“Oh gee...I don’t know about that,” Ben replied, while Jessica sat him up and leaned him against her chest, freeing her hands so she could turn his shirt right-side out.  “It takes a while for me to get comfortable with somebody because of my, uh, situation.  And even more for them, I guess,” he added, his little shoulder nubs shrugging as she slipped the shirt on him.

“Well, I guess I understand that.  It’s always easier to talk to somebody you’re more familiar with.”  She casually continued the conversation as she sat him carefully in his chair, pulling the big velcro belt across his waist and tightening it, perhaps just a hair tighter than she needed to.  She left him sitting there as she strode over to the dresser to grab something, glancing back to make sure he was staring at her wiggling ass.

“Which is why,” she continued as she walked back, “I wanted to do something.  Something that a girl in my job is never supposed to do.”

“What’s that?” Ben asked, craning his neck to look up at her.  She adored the fact that he was a captive audience right now, not even able to drive or wriggle away.  She knelt down in front of him and smiled.  “This,” she whispered, and grabbing his face with both hands, gave him a long, passionate kiss.  Unsure at first, Ben let out a little whimper, but quickly warmed to the idea, offering his tongue as Jessica’s began exploring his mouth.

As their lips finally parted, Jessica slid the wad of bills she had been holding into Ben’s shirt pocket.  “This one’s on me, because that was really special.  And I want you to come back.  Do you want to come back and see me again, honey?”  She asked, stroking Ben’s cheeks as he nodded eagerly.

“Good.  I want you to come back every week, when you can make it down here.  And when you can’t, call here and ask for me, and I’ll get you a ride.  Understand?”  she asked, a little bit stern and matter-of-fact.  

Ben stared at her, mesmerized at first, his face suddenly lighting up.  “Like...sure, of course.  I’ll be here.”

“That’s great, I can’t wait.  And next time,” Jessica whispered in his ear, reaching down and tweaking Ben’s nipple through his shirt as he gasped and squirmed, “We’ll spend our time exploring your body a little more and finding out just what you’re into.”  She stood up and smiled down at him, finally sliding his controls back to where he could reach them.  Without another word, she opened the door and politely motioned for him to take his leave.

Ben’s chair whirred to life as his little shoulder nudged expertly at the controls, and he smiled and winked at Jessica as he passed by.  She stood and watched him roll down the hall, sitting taller and prouder in his seat than when he came in.  He even gave a confident nod of greeting to one of the other girls who was passing by, seemingly immune to the look of horror and pity that she shot him in return.  He really is a man now, Jessica thought to herself as she quietly closed the door behind her, leaning against it and closing her eyes, already planning their next encounter in her mind...

A little different point of view.  Something that might appeal to the female devs (or male wannabees) out there...


John Doe
United States
Not much to tell. I'm a big fan of amputee women (among other weird stuff) and have been altering pics to suit my tastes for a while...thought I'd share a few with you folks here. I know "electronic surgery" is sort of a lower art form compared to some of the great hand-drawn and CG stuff out there, but I hope some of you out there enjoy my work.
...first, for not thanking everybody for the 100K views (thanks belatedly, guys!) but for making people wait so damn long for a new story.  I humbly offer you the next installation of "Rebuilt", available in my gallery.



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